23 September 2019 | Courtyard by Mariott, Gurugram Downtown

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Attendees will learn from industry leaders to protect their PCBs in challenging environments including moisture, vibration, thermal or physical shock.
Get taught on how to dissipate heat away from sensitive PCB components, and enhance product value.

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The attendees will receive a rich introduction to the subject matter under discussion and be guided through some invaluable takeaway tips and advice. For example, embedded design and production engineers will learn why it is critically important to understand how coatings fail on PCBs and the steps taken to avoid this.
All attendees at the event will receive hard copies of Electrolube brochures, a UV pen light to check coatings, a hard copy of a Phil Kinner’s outstanding ebook and personal technical contact points for future help and assistance. This really will be a day of invaluable information sharing and an opportunity to meet the experts. The presentations all include real life case studies undertaken by Electrolube and full explanations regarding product selection and specific applications.

Plus, there is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the networking lunch session where you can network with speakers, industry leaders and top engineers attending the event.


This conference has the ultimate ‘how to’ guides from Electrolube’s resident Technical Experts. Learn how to navigate your way through the complexities of coatings, the intricacies of encapsulation resins and understand the finer qualities of effective thermal management with help from this global brand. The seminar will run as a presentation led sessions by the named technical experts followed by an interactive Q&A session so that the attendees gain the maximum from the sessions.


Phil Kinner
Global Business and Technical Director for Electrolube, Conformal Coatings Division
Alistair Little
Global Business Technical Director, Resins Division, Electrolube
Padmanabha Shakthivelu
General Manager of Electrolube India
A conference on  Effective Conformal Coatings, Encapsulation Resin and Thermal Management solutions.

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